Welcome to Autumn


Autumn has finally knocked the door. And I'm so excited to let it in. When September comes, wild delight permeates my body from head to toe. 
For me, autumn is definitely the most adorable time of the year. Autumnal ambiance enchants me completely.
Various red and yellow shades stud the streets. The smell of fallen leaves floats in the air. The sun gives us the last rays of warmth and makes us feel a little bit happier. 
The arrival of autumn means putting aside all the summery apparel and sporting nifty dark toned items. Icy drinks will be replaced by scrumptious coffee. Cosy evenings by the fireplace (let's pretend we have one) will supersede summer days spent on the beach.
This season is the epitome of new feats, ideas and dreams. It feels like autumn always sparks a desire to create
sumptuous things. 
So let it be our time of spectacular accomplishments, creativity, positivity and unforgettable memories.

Blouse:Mango  Trousers:H&M  Bag:Mango

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9 коммент.

  1. I'm equally excited about Autumn! It's without a doubt my favourite season, however I must admit that this year I'm a little sad to see Summer go haha xx


  2. I like the style of your photos - they seem to have a soul :) Great work!


  3. Oh, you look so gorgeous! I love your shirt so much!

    Check out my blog if you want: www.theglamandglitter.com

    Tamara xxx

  4. I adore the colours of autumn, it is definitely one of the prettiest times of the year :-) I also love the crisp mornings and how good a warming hot chocolate tastes!

  5. My favorite season by far! There is nothing I love more than fall fashion and pumpkin picking :)


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