How to Get Inspired: 5 ways to regain inspiration


We all have those moments when it feels like inspiration reached its limits. Whether it is you who ran out of ideas or your muse that's not in a good mood, I'll endeavour to tackle your creative crisis. I will share some of my beloved resources that just burst with refreshing ideas and unconventional images. Hopefully, they will give a new outlook on things and help you cheer up your muse.

1. Instagram is a mandatory for me when it comes to search of inspiration. It literally covers every realm of life that can possibly exist, therefore offbeat ideas will be granted. Here are my favourite places to immerse in to regain inspiration.
2. However obvious it may sound, magazines can come in handy if you are trapped in creative crisis. Personally, I am obsessed with British vogue. It's definitely a staple resource to arouse inspiration and set creative mind at a different angle.
3. If you have a specific subject you would like to get a new outlook on, then Pintrest is the site you need. It is another shelter for sumptuous things and unbelievable ideas. You just type in what you are interested in and thousands of articles, images, videos will pop up. 

4. Cinematography is full of true master pieces that turn your world upside down and you get a whole new perception of life. It seems so weird to realise that 2 hours spent watching a film might have such a huge impact on your life. 

If I were to pick one film that inspires me the most, I would choose "The theory of everything". This masterpiece embraces a story of Stephen Hawking who's an incredible scientist. Even though a horrible disease stood on his way, Hawking never gave up and continued working. 

There should be no boundaries to human endeavour. We are all different. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there's life, there is hope.

5. The last but not least, books. It is known all around the world how life changing they can be, so there is no point in reiterating that. Instead, I will share 2 books that have given me a boost of inspiration recently. Me before you and After you by Jojo Moyes are two parts of an incredibly inspiring story of Louisa Clark. Those books have been best-sellers for quite a while now and have certainly won the hearts of millions of readers. It is definitely worth reading and will make rethink your life.  

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