New chapter : Warsaw


Life is never a straight road. It is an unpredictably complicated itinerary with all manner twists, turns, signs and holes. Sometimes that path may lead you to some unexpected places. Well, my road brought me to my destination. Warsaw.
When the buildings became greater, road signs screamed unknown names and big boards appeared to be in different language -that's when I knew I had immersed into a completely unique, culturally rich and surprisingly welcoming world. 
So where do I start with narrating my story?
The word I will use to describe Poland is different. Different in a good way. Even though Poland and Ukraine are bound by history, culture, nature and people, there is still a huge abyss to jump over. 
Speaking about Warsaw, there is one thing that needs to be said: Warsaw is the city of contrasts. Old building graciously stand amid the breath-taking brand new skyscrapers. Cute lonely cobbled roads beautifully intertwine with busy highways. 1,7 million of people who can call Warsaw their name represent hundreds of nations, religions, languages and tradition. Such combinations impart uniqueness and extravagance to the city. 
Even though it's been only a week and I haven't seen much, these days have been packed both with fun and fails(can't live without them).
Truth be told, I've been willing to write this post for such a long time and now I can make my dreams materialise. 
I  do understand it is only the beginning of this new chapter and there will be millions of hurdles to tackle. But being here opens a whole new spectre of opportunities which I will endeavour to embrace as fully as I can. 
So before I showcase my photos, there are some words of wisdom to convey. 
New things may scar

e the hell out of you but there are still worth trying. However hard times can be, you elaborate work will eventually pay off and open a new angle of the world. 

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