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Sometimes it is really hard to catch up with this fast moving world, yet high productivity is in huge demand all the time. Doing twice as much as needed without harming your mental and physical health still sounds like a dream that is never to come true. Well, guess what? I've got some tips for you on how to enhance productivity and improve the quality of your work.

1. Planning.
Before getting to actual work your first step should be planning. Create an upside down pyramid in your head and fill it in with tasks from the hardest to the easiest ones. That's how you should act if you have plenty of work to do and you have no idea where to start. No one has desire to deal with arduous work. But as long as you are done with it, feeling of self accomplishment and pride will penetrate every cell of your body.

2. Multitasking is not an option.
You can't read a book, eat lunch, write a report and watch TV at the same time. Our brain function productively if you set yourself a specific task. This way your brain will keep its concentration only on that one thing which leads to high productivity.

3. Mix up things a little bit.
 If you do the same boring work for hours, there is no way the outcome will be satisfactory. The golden rule of productivity is to combine tasks of various kinds. Case in point, read a book, then clean up your room. Tasks should be completely opposite to themselves, so that your brain could use different parts and work effectively.

4. Relax.
This rule is often neglected while it should be in your priorities. Having rest gives our body time to regain power and energy and clear our mind. Even if you are the biggest workaholic, relax is a mandatory for you. Working for long hours exhausts our body, so that it cannot manage tasks properly.

5. Eat well and sleep enough.
It can sound a bit random but this advice is crucial as well. Having proper diet and sleep regime can increase power capacity and productivity of our body.

6. And the last but not least, enjoy what you do.
Find pleasure in what you are doing. You can't succeed if you always enforce yourself to do things you hate. Pick only tasks you wish to do and relish dealing with them.

I am full of hopes that those tips will come in handy at least one of you. Stay positive and productive.

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