Gdansk and the best birthday ever


Gdansk. Place where European culture trickles out of every corner. Its incredible nature, sumptuous buildings, hospitable people will enchant you the second you come here.
It has been a true blessing to visit this place and spend two unforgettable days in Gdansk.
Since it was my birthday, this trip was the best beginning of an adult life ever.

 On the first morning playful sun rays woke us up and showed the true magnificence of our view from the window.As we stepped out of our hostel, our adventure began. We were lucky enough to stay at the place which was housed in Old Town. The more we walked, the more beauty we discovered. We literally had to stop at every corner to capture the moments of beauty. 
The river which flows through the town imparts romantic atmosphere to the city. So if you and your partner are looking for a place to spend your weekend, Gdansk is your best bet.

Truth be told, Gdansk is different from the rest of Poland. Due to its history, the whole town is constructed on the sample of German building techniques. You can literally wander around the streets for hours without exhausting yourself because everything gives a flow of inspiration.

 My friends and I also took the plunge and went to Sopot. This tiny yet marvellous town is also in my heart forever. Strolling along the shore is probably one of the best things to do in this life. We were also lucky to encounter swans and seagulls that were kind enough to accompany us on our photo shoot. The highlight of that day was the sunset. It was the most romantic, breathtaking, unforgettable, gorgeous sunset I have ever seen in my entire LIFE.
It was the last jigsaw puzzle that completed our splendid day.

The last day wasn't as exciting and packed with activities as the previous one. Yet, I realised one more time how much I want to come back to Gdansk over and over again. Unfortunately, our weekend came to an end and we had to bid farewell to that amazing place. But we still have abundance of memories to keep in our hearts.

Finishing of my narration, from now on Gdansk will be my little island to get away from the bustle and hustle and relish the beauty of life.

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